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Exclusive beach for guests

Waves of happiness

Your special beach on Elba Island

Our delightful sandy beach, well protected in its own little bay, lies just below the campground and is the perfect retreat for families and beach lovers. Short but wide enough, it is suitable for children because of its shallow depth and clear water.
At the height of the summer season, the beach is enriched with amenities: we provide umbrellas, deckchairs and sunbeds to ensure your relaxation and well-being under the sun, available by reservation and for a fee. In addition, we offer boat rentals for marine exploration allowing you to experience the sea of Elba Island in total freedom and safety.

For sea enthusiasts, our guarded buoy field and small floating dock offer peace of mind and convenience for mooring boats and dinghies, making every water adventure simple and safe.

Little Oasis, Great Beauty: discover the beach.

Intimacy and Crystal Sea

Our small and enchanting beach, while a jewel of intimacy and tranquility, opens the door to a world of marine adventures just to its right, where striking caves invite exploration, accessible directly from the sea and one even from the beach itself. This secret corner of Elba Island connects to the large beach at Lido di Capoliveri, offering a fascinating contrast between the intimate and the immense.

The discovery continues on the left side of our beach, where two small beaches, hidden and reserved, reveal themselves to visitors walking along the cliff walk, promising moments of serenity and natural beauty.

But the exploration does not stop there. The surrounding coastline is a mosaic of wonders, to be discovered by sea. From the fascinating beaches of Barabarca and Zuccale, passing through the wild Seagull Coast, until the secret coves of Cape Stella and to the extensive stretches of sand of Lacona o Marina di Campo, Elba Island is revealed in all its splendid diversity, making our small beach the perfect starting point for a journey to discover the island’s hidden treasures.

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